On the road Motor Home Service

[Richard] When traveling for extended periods, and it is time to service your motor home, i.e., oil change and filter, grease fittings, transmission oil change, the basic maintenance kind of things. Where would one look to find this service while on the road far from home? Presently, I have only traveled in our new Motor Home distances that put us back home around the mileage when service in required. So far I have done my own oil changes, filters and grease job. Our local Ford dealer will not touch a Class A Motor Home, in fact I haven&#039t found anyone nearby interested. So, I fear when we are out on the road for long distances for an extended time how do I find a service center willing to service my Motor Home? Any experience and ideas please. Thank you for your input.

Regards, Richard
On the road Motor Home Service

[Gordo] I wouldn&#039t worry about something like finding service for your RV on the road. Keep your eyes open as you pass thru towns and when it is time to have it done, check the yellow pages locally and you will certainly find someone to service the rig. I just finished a 9500 mile trip to Alaska, had the unit serviced by firms I eyeballed along the way and had some breakdowns taken care of by checking the yellow pages. It is really not a problem.