onan generator


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just purchased a 1995 newmar kountry star. onan 6.5kw emerald plus generator cranks with the remote switch but dies when you leave go of the switch. with the rig connected to shore power, unit started and ran for about 20 seconds then switched from shore to generator and ran for about five minutes longer. unit has 212 hours on the meter. in short of taking the unit back to onan and spending a small fortune, any one have an idea where to start looking. unit has sat since 98 with limited or no usage.


onan generator

Well lets see, If it starts with remote then dies when you le off the button Heck lets do it the way I would.

First check the fuel filter, Check and see if the automatic choke is working, when cold if you move the linkage the damper should flip closed.

Start the unit up from the compartment and watch whats going on . I know there are a couple fuses that are an intergal part of the unit. There is a need to check the oil level as this unit I believe has a low level shutdown. This is s starting point


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onan generator

Try starting the genset at the main switch on the unit. If it will run only while you hold the switch down and dies as soon as you let up it is one of 3 things. Low oil or low oil sensor bad, bad regulator, or bad circuit board. If it will run for a while and then die, or runs rough and dies, tune it up and change all filters. Also make sure that you are getting good gas pressure from the pump by diconnecting the gas line from the carborator and filling a quart jar. Inspect the gas for contaminates and varnishing. If it smells like paint dump it and clean the carb.