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I have an Onan 6.5 kw generator.It will not start from the panel on the generator.It will crank and run from the switch inside,but will only stay running if the switch is kept depressed on start.HELP!! What is wrong? Any suggestions?


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For some reason it is not generating a voltage. That could be as simple as the brushes, or as serious as an open armature. The failure to crank from the local panel is strange? Have you tried unplugging the harness from the remote start and then crank with the local start switch on the set to see what happens? And how old is the genset?


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There are a couple relays that are involved but there is also a breaker at the generator panel. Mine kept tripping and in lieu of big bucks Tight wad me installed an inline fuse


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The problem with your generator could be any one or combination of several problems. A bad remote switch, A bad armature, not very often, The quad windings in the stator could have shorted.:( These are the windings that produce the power to create the magnetic field within the stator. If theres enough hours on the generator the brushes could be worn or one is stuck in the shute and is not making contact. Or the control board could simply have failed.

My point is, take it to someone who knows how to diognose these things. Most of these parts are pretty expensive to be replaceing on a hit and miss program. And With all these different posibilities, for some one to diognose your generator, (sight unseen) That's pretty awsome!

With all due respect of course.


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Don't ask me how I know but you'll be time and money ahead to take it to a dealer.

Try Cummin's Diesel :(