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I have a 2006 Westfalia Sprinter Airstream. It has...er....had an onan 2.5 microlite LP generator in it. It had 95 hours on it......no abuse.....changed the oil in it three times already.......and the main rotar blew up along with the regulator. The nearest CummingsOnan official repair shop was 4 hours away. I found a guy who really knows these generators locally in Panama City Beach and he is fixing it for me. It will cost me a little over $1000 to have it repaired. Shouldn't this still be under warranty with only 95 hours on it?
What would cause this generator to blow up after only 95 hours?
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well i am gonna say this ,, and please don't take it wrong ,, but it's a piece of machinary ,, u never know when or why something lets loose ,,, but i would deffently have the repair guy save the old parts ,, u never know there may have been a prob on u'r genset ,, i would keep the old parts and contact Cummins about it ,, they may have some insight on why this unit did this ,, and maybe cover it ,, under warranty ,, or reimburse u some or all of the repair cost ,, u never know till u contact them ,,, JMO ;) :) :approve:


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welcome Mark to the forum, I would do as 730 has stated you never know Cummins may take care if it . we sure hope so that an expensive cost repair. Also do you have any extended warranty that you could file under? :laugh: