Onan problems


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I am having a problem with my Onan gen. It will start and stay running as long as you keep your finger on the dashboard switch OR the Genset switch. As soon as you release it shuts off.

I have checked the following:
It loses battery voltage to the positive side of the ignition coil.
If you jumper from the battery positive stud at the starter relay to the ignition coil it starts and runs fine. As soon as it is removed it shuts off.
When it's running the indicator light on the dash switch doesn't come on and the hour counter doesn't work.
After removing the control panel and grounding pin-connector 1 (b1 wire), the light on dash works, hour counter works and I again have power back to the ignition coil. It will start and runs fine.
You can hear a relay kick when you ground it. *I am assuming this is a start/run relay?.
When it is running I have no voltage to the brushes F1 & F2 coming out of the regulator. And also no voltage on pin 7 to the regulator.
Hence no power being generated to run anything inside the MH.

I do not have a wiring diagram and can't seem to locate anything locally. I am an auto mechanic and understand how to get the engine running but can't for the life of me figure out how to correct the generator problem. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.

This is an Onan, model #4.0BGE-1R-26100 spec # F Emerald 1
In an 89 Southwind Fleetwoood


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Re: Onan problems

If the genset doesn't produce power the engine will not run. That is why it shuts down. You can go to funroads.com and get Onan parts and manuels for your genset. Could be a few things, regulator, windings, wiring etc.
Good luck