One of two slides will not operate


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I was opening the camper to pack it for a trip tomorrow and found nothing happens when I try to open one of the two slide. The other slide works properly. There is no noise when I press the button. Last time I operated the slide it was fine.

This is a 2010 Keystone Springdale with two opposing slides.

We're supposed to leave with friends in about 15 hours.

Any ideas?


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Check all fuses and then to wires at switch and power to motor. If all else fails there should be a manual in/out so as not to spoil the trip.



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I found a blown fuse and replaced it. The replacement fuse blew too. The switches looked fine, so I got underneath but saw no problems there either.

I put in two new fuses. The left slide that had not been working closed, but the motor just made a moan when I tried to open it. Then, without making any changes, I tried again and it worked as it should. I had several full cycles without any further problem on the left.

Now it gets weird. I decided to test the right slide, which had been working all along. Earlier today it operated properly, but now it slides in, but the right slide motor just gives a moan when sliding out, as the left slide had before.

How is the world can this problem travel from one side to the other? I believe each is independent from the other.

It's on A/C power and has a full battery. I see no binding and I see nothing that should cause the

Thank you all for your help.


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I found the problem but I'm not sure how to fix it.

When I got under the RV and had my wife try to move the slide, I saw the hex head being bounced around, but the slide wasn't moving. The sound was as if the gear was not engaged.

I attached a ratchet to the hex head with the pin through it and was able to move the slide manually. After that, the slide worked properly.

View attachment 228

I don't know what this component is called or what I should do to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks to all for all your help.



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There is a shear pin on one of the shafts in that motor drive area that is most likely sheared. Under the plate with 4 screws It will look like a small piece of square stock or like a piece cut off a nickle. Replace and lube all gears. Look to see all rollers and bearings are good.



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Both sides are working fine now, so I doubt the shear pin has been sheared. I've cleaned the racks and the piniion and I've lubed them with a dry spray lube. They are much quiester now too.

I appreciate your help and your advice. Thanks!

If I read back accuratly, you first said when you hit the button there was no noise...I bet there was a ratching noise. If so, I know what happened. The slide was simply stuck and you released it with your ratchet. You will find a "bell" on the outside of the frame move it out about a 1/4 inch and I bet it will not hang up again.


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The slide control made no sound because the fuse had blown.

Using the ratchet on the motor and lubing the rack and pinion seems to have resolved the issue,

I wish I knew why the fuses had popped though.

Thank you for for your help. I really appreciative it.