One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling


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Hi everyone.

I just joined the group and enjoyed reading some of the posts. My husband and I have decided that we want to take a year off and see the states. It has been a dream of ours for many years. We've been RVing since 2000 and enjoyed camping as kids. We can't wait until we can retire and RV much more often - maybe evevn full time. I am 43 and my husband is 39, so we are younger RVrs too. We've met such nice folks on our camping travels that we have no issues with age.

We have a seven-year-old daughter and we are thinking of homeschooling her the year we plan to travel. We are fortunate that she is a bright child and doing quite well in school. I spend a great deal of time at her school and helping in class, so I am somewhat aware of the work involved in teaching and I've been researching homeschooling too.

Have any of you experienced fulltiming and homeschooling? If so, I'd love any information, tips, places to visit, etc that you might be willing to share with me.

Thank you!


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Re: One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling

We have two friends who do so and have met several families on the road. One thing that most of them agree on is that you need to get one of the prepared school agenda's to use. By so doing you can be sure to cover the same things that your daughter would cover if she were in a conventional school.


Re: One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling

We have used Abeka, Alpha/Omega and school for tomorrow for home schooling.

As for destinations, we are compiling a large list of favorites by state when we get links off this site and using search engines for the areas we are heading too.
Most home schooling programs give so many credits per destination or per hour at destination.
Hope this helps :)


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Re: One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling

You didn't say if your child was in PUBLIC school or not, but if you can't do better at schooling than those folks, then you better stay home! Remember, you will only be schooling ONE child; not 30 or 50 like most teachers have to do.

GO FOR IT! And don't look back. You should be prepared to keep homeschooling when you stop traveling. Your child will be severly handicapped if you try to put her back into a PUBLIC school. She will be WAY AHEAD! Your community has a homeschooling group. Look for it now, and plan for your return as well as your trip around the country.


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RE: One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling

I think its a great idea....Just a word of advice MUST be Patient!! I home school my child now he is finishing high school....I did the School house cd's they are fantastic and all you need is a computer its does everything for you even keeps records and schedules the state test. Have fun MOM what a better time than to get to know your family as you travel...and show them new places......Which way you are going N/S/E/W ? PLan your trip and ask the RV"ers about fantastic Places -Be Safe!!!!! :cool:


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Re: One Year Fulltiming and Homeschooling

Check with your daughter's current school about their requirements. My school division (I am a central office administrator in a large division in central Virginia but I have nothing to do with our homeschool policies and procedures) has specific requirements for who can home school and what the home schooling curriculum has to include. Here's the link to our policies, etc.