Only two more years!

Bill & I (and our cat and cockatiel) will become fulltimers in 2 years! We've waited so long to do this and it's finally happening! What should we be doing to get ready?
Only two more years!

Two years seems like a long time to wait. I know there can be many, many reasons to wait that long. My wife and I have talked about it for many years. One day we started talking about it and we made the decision in about two weeks. We have bought a truck and are narrrowing down the RV 5th wheel we like.

If you are going to wait that long, then it might be good to do a lot of research, get a truck that will match the trailer, and if you are serious, look at the things closest to yur heart in your home now and either sell it, give it away or donate it...that will give you an idea of what is in store for your decision making. We are at that stage. As I type my wife is going through 35 years of family pictures and deciding what to keep, or give away, the rest have to get tossed.

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