Ontario Canada Price Check


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Looking at Jayco & Starcraft PUs in the east GTA. These are prices from dealers. The Jayco/Quests have: add-a-room, in/out stove, bbq, fridge, stove, surge brakes.

2004: Jayco 10sg $9,200, Quest 10k $7,995, Quest 12a $7,995 (no add-a-room, no bbq, has battery, has elec brakes & controller)

2003: Jayco 10sg (trade-in) $7,995 (has battery, dealer says waranty transferable)

2004: Starcraft 2106, $8,500 (none of the Jayco extras)

I have an old Starcraft which has been great, but seeing the price difference makes me think Jayco. I'm leaning toward the 2003 SG, assuming it looks ok when I see it.

Thoughts? Are these good prices? Should I be pushing for more discounts?