Opinion of Open Road RVs

Hello Everyone,

We've been looking at RV's for several months now and were ready to purchase the 3500 Montana when we seen the Open Road RV's. We liked the 389 & 396 units very much. Anyone have one of these units? What's been your experience with them. What's the pro's and con's? Anyone use an Open Road in a colder climate, below 10 degrees? We also noticed a distinct smell in the Open Road that burned your eyes, any idea why?

Thanks for your help.

Opinion of Open Road RVs

If the open road is new, the smell and what burned your eyes is the fumes from the glues and resins used in manufacturing :( . Once opened to the air and ventilated these fumes go away :laugh: . The one you looked at was probably fresh out of the factory or closed up in the heat :question: .
Opinion of Open Road RVs

Yes the unit will be fine after it is opened up for few days to get the odor out. Make sure if you are looking for a upper line Fifth Wheel to check out the "Grand Junction" line. www.catheysrv.com