Opinion on Passport America

First thanks to Tex and DL for thier suggestions. I found RVparkreviews.com reading past posts. I'll google the Trailer Life Campground Directory.
Also ran across Passport America's website. You guys think its worth the membership? Are the bulk of the parks on thier list decent? I was checking thier list with comments from rvparkreviews. Looks like a mixed bag.
Also is it a good idea to stay at State Parks when possible? I have a slideon camper on a pickup so I dont really have to have a huge site. Peaceful, and scenery would be a homerun rather than elaborate facilities. I'de be happy with a dump station, water and electric.

DL Rupper

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Re: Opinion on Passport America

Steve, Passport America is great if you can live with all of the different restrictions. For instance some of the parks will only give you a 1 day discount. If you are passing through the area this is probably all you need. Some of them only honor the discount Sun - Thru or only on the off season. We check out the TrailerLife Directory and see if any of the campgrounds are also Passport America. That way we can get a better picture of the RV park. Then we check it against rvparkreviews. We usually have a pretty good idea what the park is like before arriving. However, sometimes you still get a big surprise when you show up. We never go out of our way more than 10 miles for a Passport America park. You can usually get you money back in discounts in about 3 or 4 nights with the Passport discount. however, we were headed to a Passport America park today when we started adding all of the extra costs for Passport America members and soon figured it would add up to the regular Good Sam discount price. They wanted a $3 surcharge for electricity additional money for a sewer connection and so forth. We ended up going to another park.
Bottom Line: Passport America works sometimes. When it does you soon save more than the yearly membership fee. It works best if you travel frequently for long periods.


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Re: Opinion on Passport America

In the Southwest, they seem to have a lot of parks. They range from tolerable to very good, and the restrictions are not bad. In the Northeast, there are fewer member parks, further from the freeways and with more restrictions. I have no experiance in the Southeast or Northwest.

There have been a few where I was glad to stay only 1 night, and some I would have liked to stay at for weeks. In general, most were fine for a few nights.