Oregon Trail

Although we are not new to RVs we recently bought a newer one and want to go on an extended visit this summer. We are planning on going to Wisconsin for a fly-in and thought this would be a great time to go on an across country trip, like the oregon trail. My only fear is mountains. Has anybody taken this trip and is there a way to avoid mountains. Any advise or places to see etc would be great. Maybe books?
Oregon Trail

Welcome to the forum. I don't have any answer for you but there are plenty of others that will have. Just saying welcome.
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DL Rupper

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Oregon Trail

Hey Beatrice, welcome to the forum. Sorry, the Oregon Trail goes through the mountains along about Wyoming. Sit back and enjoy. Beautiful scenery. :)
Oregon Trail

I live about 20 miles North of the Oregon Trail near South Pass in Wyoming. South Pass is a good highway, not steep, not crooked. No mountains East of South Pass. Come on out to Wind River Country!
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More over you should find the views breath taking. Most of the mountain areas should be no problem for most rigs. Good luck on the trip and enjory.

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Re: Oregon Trail

Well I hope they made it since the original post was in Dec 2005. :laugh: ;) Hmm Beatrice only made the one post. :eek: Maybe ew had better call for a search. :laugh: