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Living full time in any RV is a very debatable subject. It means different things to different people. We did it for four and a half years. This is a brief overview of our way of doing it.

We had a large house in a golf course community with an in-ground pool in our back yard. Needless to say we had lots of stuff. We started getting ready for the transition about a year in advance. We sold or gave away almost all house furnishings. We did yard sales, sold on the internet and by word of mouth with close friends as our sales associates. What we couldn’t part with was put into long term storage. Both of our sons lived nearby and they got a lot of the stuff.

We debated on what type and size RV we should get that would suit our needs and be easy to travel with. We shopped all around the country before deciding on a retailer. It was Lazydays RV in Seffner, FL. In the end we decided to go with a fifth wheel trailer and a 1 ton dually diesel truck. The trailer - we still have it - is 38’ with 3 slides, a washer/dryer combo and a single 15K Carrier air-conditioner. My first mistake was buying a used truck. I traded it in less than a year right after it lost an igniter and stranded us for a week. Good thing was the Cummins was still under warranty and our only out of pocket money was getting it towed to the repairing dealer’s location. So I stuck with the Dodge and got a new one.

Our only agenda was to stay in comfortable weather conditions all year. Other than that we just traveled. Northern states in the summer time and southern states in the winter. Our longest stops in one place were about three months, then we would get antsy for the road. We only traveled on weekdays normally less than 300 miles a day.

I like to fish and play golf. Linda likes to read and visit flea markets and do yard sales. We both like to find things we can sell on the internet auctions. Traveling in the RV those things have to be light and easy to sell and ship.

We carry a Honda 2000 generator but we have never boon docked or stayed in parking lots. We also carried a 30 gallon “blue boy” for those times when it is necessary to stay in state parks without sewer service. We traveled all of the lower 48 and a few of the CDN provinces.
I’m retired from the USN and that allowed us to stay at a lot of really nice military CGs/RV parks. When on the go and not staying anywhere for more than a week at a time we never made reservations. Pot luck parking is interesting and sometimes very rewarding. A lot of mom & pop places don’t advertise but are still very well kept and friendly.

I have a number of blogs about our travels. This one is about a lot of the campgrounds/RV parks we stayed at and reviews about them. When you get to the end of a page click on the “Older Posts” tab at the bottom of the page to continue on to the next page.

If your full time travels are as active as ours was this information may lead you to some of the places we stayed along the way.