Our first pop up trip...


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We learned so much, had a great time, and have a new list of must haves and found out what we don't need.

Everyone had a good time.

The problem: My BIL whom we bought the pop up from, was supposed to check the stove, heat and water to make sure it all worked. While the heat and stove worked (ok we didn't need the heat this time), the water did not. The problem? The connection to the city water hose. When we would connect it and turn on the water from the spicket, it would leak at the connection insided the pop up.

No water ever came out of the faucet on the sink, although we "pumped" it.

We think it needs a new connection. Where do we find this at? We need it for our next trip in four weeks.



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Re: Our first pop up trip...

Places I'd check

1) The parts department of a dealer for your brand

2) The manufacturer

3) Camping World

4) The parts department of a Large RV dealer or repair facility (even if they don't carry your brand)

Might be good to take the bad one out so you have something to compare a possible replacement to.

Also, make sure that the water which leaked is removed; sitting water can rot the rv.


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Re: Our first pop up trip...

Are you sure that you understand how to use the water system? The pump should be to get water from a storage tank inside of the RV. With city water connected, you should not need to use a pump.

That said, there should not be any leaks no matter where the water comes from. If you have not done so, locate the place that is leaking first and then see about getting the needed parts. Since the leak was inside it might be the connection for city water, it might also be where that fitting connects to the RV plumbing. There are a number of possible causes and to just change parts is not a good approach. From the leak that you describe, it should be pretty easy to see where it comes from.