our lp detector is driving us crazy!

:angry: We just bought our motorhome (used) five months ago, and ever since have had to tolerate the LP detector alarm going off every single night we use it. We've even realized it happens whether we're around other RVs or totally alone. We've checked for leaks anywhere and everywhere, and still can find nothing. We've even had it at the service department at our dealer (Bankston, Huntsville, AL) for over a week now and they can't reproduce the problem. I know it's because it only happens at night! We always end up having to turn off the generator and sleep in the heat. Hence... we really feel the problem might be related to the generator. The guy at Winnebago said it's probably a "faulty sensor in our detector which can't handle the extra moisture at night". I know this is hogwash since we bought an extra LP detector at walmart and it does the exact same thing. It only happens at NIGHT!

If anyone has ANY ideas, PLEASE let me know ASAP. We're headed out of town next week and I don't want to be miserable every night!!

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our lp detector is driving us crazy!

Where is your LP detector located? I would not think the generator (gas generator, I assume) would have anything to do with the LP detector. It is suppose to detect LP. Does your dog or cat go with you....and maybe sleeps right beside the detector and maybe passes gas beside it when they get cold....sorry, just trying to be a little light sided on this. :laugh:
My detector will go off if my wife sprays air scent, hair spray, etc., anywhere near it. Dog won't set it off, ha ha.
Sounds like it is detecting something unusual so I would be careful using your LP....by the way, when you use the generator try shutting off the main LP gas and see if the detector still goes off.
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

Had the same problem with my Winnebago Chieftain. Drove us crazy. Talked to both Winnie and the mfg and both said unit cant be repaired and never goes bad. After having coach checked for LP leaks, etc., I ordered a new detector (think it was about $60) from a Winnie dealer and that ended the problem. :cool:
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

:laugh: Big smiles to Archer for the "passing gas" comment. HAAA!!!!

But to answer your question, no we don't have any pets, so that can't be the problem. The detector is located under our oven, by the switchbox, at floor level. We make sure nothing is set in front of it. One time the alarm did go off when I sprayed Lysol, but otherwise nothing else is ever sprayed. The times when the alarm goes off is almost always once we've laid down at night... and it will go off continuously until we either shut off the generator (Onan - gas) and plug up to a different generator (from our race trailer).... or we just pull the fuse, open up the windows, and go to sleep. (I know... hazardous, but usually we're tired and desperate for sleep) That's why I'm wondering if it's related to the generator. If we're plugged up to an exterior power supply (no generator), we have no problem! Strange, huh?

Janlarmil, thanks for your feedback as well. Since yours is a Winnebago as well, possibly it's just a problem with their choice of detectors?? We were told a replacement would cost around $60. I guess it's worth a try... if for no other reason than to possibly rule out the idea. I'm just afraid that's not the problem, since we bought a CO detector at walmart and its alarm sounded at night as well.

Thanks for the info! I'll post updates when/if we ever figure this out. ;)
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

That CO detector also has a low battery alarm in it. Could this be the reason that it doesnt go off when you are plugged into shore power? Cant understand why the Wally World CO is going off if you have had the LP system thoroughly checked for leaks. :question:
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

CHECK THE EXHAUST SYSTEM ON THE GENERATOR!!! You hit the nail on the head with the CO detector going off. The generator exhaust pipe may be leaking (or worse...missing) or the generator compartment is not adequately sealed off from the interior of the coach. I have seen kits (I think at Camping World) to put a stack on the generator while you're camping.
As to why the LP detector is sounding off, there will be some unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust as well as CO, CO2, H2O, & a few other compounds.
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

Watch out for those exhaust stack extensions as they may cause enough back pressure to cause problems. Check with your genny mfgr. :)
our lp detector is driving us crazy!

I had the same problem. Started after my unit was a few years old. I called the manufacturer of the unit and they told me that the units need to be replaced at least every five years or so. Bought a new one and the problem instantly went away.

our lp detector is driving us crazy!

I think Ed is on the right track. Sounds like you have isolated the problem to the onan generator, doesn't do it under shore hook-up, doesn't do it with your other generator, only the onan. I would think it is detecting some exhaust fumes from the onan, just as Ed said.
our lp detector is driving us crazy!


This thread started out talking about a LP detector and somehow got hijacked into talking about a CO detector. Two different animals AFAIK.

What WAS the outcome with the LP detector? I have a Fleetwood Southwind and the LP detector is also sounding off now and then. This is a relatively new MH, bought new in 2003, and this has only begun since this past summer.


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our lp detector is driving us crazy!

My fingers werent working right the day I placed my 8/13 post. The LP detector has a low voltage alarm built in, NOT the CO detector. My wife must be right about "old timers" disease. :blackeye: