Outside RV finish?

I read somewhere that Pledge is good to make your RV look great...but, they also mentioned some product called streak away or something of the sort to remove streaks off your outside finish before using pledge? Anyone know what to use without having to wax/buff the whole RV? Thanks.


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Outside RV finish?

A good part of it depends upon what material your RV is made of. If it is fiberglass, like most today, then a good quality wax is the best answer. I have found that there is a product from 3M company that is made for fiberglass boats that works very well and that lasts much longer than any other product that we have used.

DL Rupper

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Outside RV finish?

We use fiberglass wax after we use the fantastic to take the surface dirt off. Kirk, what is the brand name of the 3M product you use? It sounds good. We will be out fulltiming soon so need to get back in the swing of things. Waxing the 5er will help get the blood pressure down. See ya'll out and about.
Outside RV finish?

Hey DL, I read why you are working on your blood pressure :) .
We use "Reliable" at our store. We buy it in a 55 gal. barrel for our use, but sell it in quart and gallon bottles. It is the best I have seen. You can use it on anything. Your RV, grill, kitchen counter, truck, etc. When I get back from a trip, I spray the front of the truck and the bugs just start melting. I HIGHLY recommend it.

It won't ruin colors from decals or take paint off of aluminum siding like a lot of strong cleaners will.
Outside RV finish?

DL, are you saying good bye? If so,I hope not for too long. We will miss your input on Dodges. If you come my way and need help, just call and I will be glad to come get you with one of my Duramax's. :) Knowing Dodge like I do, that will probably not happen. Drive safe in your travels.
Outside RV finish?

Grandview............how does that Reliable work on fiberglas. I have tried a lot of things on the fiberglas part of my Class B and nothing has worked yet without streaking.
Outside RV finish?

We use it on everything we sell, fiberglass and aluminum. It even cleans tires better than anything you will buy at Wal-mart. Try it, you will like it.
Outside RV finish?

We sell it and I could send it to you. I do not know who sells it in your area. Wally world and the like do not have it. Perhaps another RV dealer near you. The quart spray bottle is about $7.50 and the gallon is $23.50. You spray it on a dry trailer, wait a couple of moments and wash with a car wash. Spray off with water, and you are done. IF the black streaks have been there a LONG time it may take a couple of times. I can advise you of shipping when I get back from New Orleans if you want. I should be back over the weekend. I am taking another camper down.
Outside RV finish?

Ken at Grandview Trailer sales. Thank you for the info your wife supplied to me. I've forwarded the website to a friend of mine that operates Camper Exchange in Bellville, IL They are going to try to get some of the Reliable M157 for me. Thanks again to you and you wife for being so nice.
Outside RV finish?

Hey there, I hope you have gotten your Reliable and it worked like I said. I had a potential customer today fussing about how hard is was to clean their older Prowler. I had a bottle of Reliable and sprayed it on a dirty trailer. She almost got mad at how quickly and easily it cleaned the trailer. I just sprayed it on and I wiped it off with a paper towel. All she could do was stare at the ground, then we talked about our trailers....
Outside RV finish?

Sorry for not contacting you. No I haven't gotten the Reliable yet. Will find out tomorrow or Friday when I visit my friend in Belleville, IL. It's not their fault. I've been out of town to a funeral and then a short stint in the hospital, All is fine now, and haven't had an opportunity to see if they ever obltained it. But definitely will let you know. You should get on the Escapees discuuion forum and talk to the people from the NE looking to venture your way and purchase a trailer. I just caught a glimpse of it and it may be a prospect for you. Thanks for the contact and the caring.
Outside RV finish?

I don't know where this forum is, would like to know how to get to it. Will do a search and see if I can find it, but will check tomorrow and see if you left directions. Thanks in advance.

Glad you said everything was OK now.
Outside RV finish?

Another good cleaner is called "Bellywash", available fron several places on the internet. We use it for what it was designed for, to be used to clean the underside of an aircraft fuselage. It does a really nice job of cleaning whatever, including hydrocarbon residue, as well as tar and trash from taxiways and runways without harming painted and alumnum surfaces and decals (if you are careful), so it will also work well on RV's and Motorhomes.

Also, for those of you who may/may not have heard of either Nyalic(.com) or Vivilon(.com). They are 2 very similiar polymer
clearcoat products that do a REALLY nice job or restoring color to an old faded or oxidized painted finish WITHOUT having to repaint (ever again), and are AWESOME as a VERY hard easy to maintain clearcoat over an already nice finish that you should NEVER have to repaint after coating.

There are before/after photos on either website that accurately depict what these coatings will REALLY do.

For those of you who plan to go the the RV Show in Atlanta next week, Feb 17th or so I think, I will be hanging around there, and should have a vehicle that has the clearcoat on it. If you will email me at patrick@hmsga.com I will email you with a contact tel # so we can arrange to meet and I will show you an actual surface that was coated with this type product.
Re: Outside RV finish?

You just revived a nearly 2 year old post just so you can get some free advertising. (I searched for 'Vivilon' and didn't find your advertising on RVUSA.)

Go away.