Oven Problem

WE can't get our oven to light. The stove burners light just fine. The oven pilot will light but as soon as we release the knob....OUT!!! Of course, the directions in the manual are no help whatsoever. (Gulfstream TT)
What can we try now???


C Nash

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Re: Oven Problem

Are you holding the knob in as long as required? Most likely the thermo coupler is bad or the flame is not hitting it.
Re: Oven Problem

Most newer ovens don't have a thermocouple. I got corrected by Magic Chef a few months ago. I asked for a thermocouple and was told it did not have one. The way the burner unit recognizes heat was not working. They sent me a new burner unit and all worked well.

One way I have gotten around the pilot light a few times is when the pilot flame is burning, turn the knob to a temp. setting. Most times, when you go back to pilot, it will then burn.
Re: Oven Problem

The best way to light the pilot is to turn the t-stat to 200 and light the large pilot. Then turn it off and make sure that the pilot goes small and stays lit. If it does your OK. Then turn the temp back up and watch to make sure the burner lights. If it lights safety valve is OK. (If it doesn't light check for alignment of safety valve bulb to pilot flame. ) Get an oven thermometer and put in the oven. Allow oven to reach temp and shut flame off. Check pilot should still be on. Check temp should be within 10% of set temp. If it is oven t-stat is OK.
Re: Oven Problem

My pilot only lights if I hold the knob in until "it" decides to maintain the pilot -- Try contacting the oven/range maker for info ---
Re: Oven Problem

Strange, I just turn the knob on mine to Pilot, then hold the lighter flame where the pilot assembly is, and it lites after 15 seconds or so. I'm not positive about the exact time it takes, but it isn't all that long of a time.

Cheers Willis