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We have a 1988 Ford Sterling 28-1/2' c class rv , with a 460cu engine, our problem with this unit is that driving on a warm to hot day the drivers compartment becomes quite unbearbly hot and extremly uncomfortable, the motor house is very warm to the touch the floor is very hot and there is a strip of akuminum seperating the front and the rest of the rv (like a carpet transion strip) it become to hot even to touch, we have a furnace vent in the floor behind the drivers seat and it is possible to feel warm air emmiting from it, (the furnace is turned off) Any ideas? on how to keep the rv cool when driving, when the front windows are open along ther seams to be no air flow even when the ceiling vents are opened and the side windows are open.
any help would be appriciated


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If you check with JC Whitney company, they make an insulation that is intended for that purpose. Just glue it to the areas where you need to insulate.