Owners of Mallard 24J


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I am going to pick up a 2000 Mallard 24J tomorrow from a private owner. I got a really good deal and could not pass it up although it is 3 hours away. The guy swears everything worked when he winterized it last year. The pics he sent me are almost flawless. He said he replaced the linolium in the bathroom and replaced the toilet seal because it had a small leak and put filler in a small place on the floor behind the tiolet.
My question is, besides the usual things to look for, is there anything particular to this model that I need to pay extra attention to?
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Re: Owners of Mallard 24J

Nothing especially for that particular model but I would be sure that you actually see every appliance in operation. That means water in the tank and the water heater. The water should be hot, ice frozen in the refrigerator and something insde that is cold as well as the interior. The furnace and the air conditioner should both be tested for several minutes. All lights should be seen in operation, each appliance in operation and such. Look for any signs of water stains or leaks. Look into, over and under every nook and cranny of the RV. A real inspection should take at least an hour and two is closer.