oxygen trailer

I got a glimpse of a new lightweight trailer called the oxygen and I can't find it anywhere on the net. Anyone heard anything? :question:
oxygen trailer

I also saw an Oxygen on the road this summer in NY! Looked really nice too....
I found the following description on the web today when we finally got home:
Sounds real good!, However I also came across several links indicating that they are auctioning off their factory! Then I found the following link which outlines their filing for restructuring (bankrupcy?). It also mentions that the Oxygen design had serious weight and structural issues and they have decided to abandon it!
The link to their report is to an html version of the .pdf filling which no longer exists. Bummer - I looks like a great design!

(EVERYTHING listed below is part of the URL!)
oxygen trailer

:) We thought it was really a nice looking trailer too. It's too bad about the design flaws. We will probably go back to looking for a little Boler, We need something light to pull behind a 53 Pontiac
oxygen trailer

We saw a Scamp 16' last winter in Death Valley... it had the usual bed/table across the back, but it also had a table w/ 2 seats along the side, opposite the range, so... you could leave the bed in back made up and sit at the table! Looked pretty neat. They were pulling it with a minivan, having come in over a 5500 pass without any trouble.

Here is a link to their site that shows the floorplan:
oxygen trailer

Checked out the web site. Looks REALLY good, especially the one you mentioned. We'll be going to MN for Thanksgiving so we'll talk to them before that and maybe we can set something up. Thanks so much!