Pagers vs Cell Phone


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Has anyone experienced the use of a pager? We want our kids to be able to contact us in emergency only. We have had cell phones and do not use them for chatting. Want the ability to be reached in all areas without the high cost of a phone that will never be used plus the two year contract. We do have our old cell phone programmed for 911 if needed. We will check in with family weekly via pay phone or internet at libraries. Any ideas?
Pagers vs Cell Phone

I have been using the same Motorola Airtouch pager for the past 6 years. I find it to be the most cost effective way for people to reach me. You also can return the call at your convienience (not when driving). As far as range, there are only a few areas where pages do not get through. Call forwarding to your pager is another option if you want to know when someone calls your home or office.