parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

I have a cobblestone driveway and want to park my 35" rv on it.... Does anyone have any comments- will it tear up the cobblestones because of the weight? Or is it ok? thanks so much if you have any insight into this.


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Re: parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

Is it level? Using the levelling jacks would probably be the worst case scenario.
Re: parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

unless the cobblestone is on concrete I would say it will probably push them into the ground causing an indentation where the RV was parked. I would suggest getting a couple pieces of treated lumber to put under the tires and equalize the pressure a little more over the cobblestone. And it might discolor the cobblestone so I would plan on moving it periodically so that the same ones aren't always covered, if possible.
RE: parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

Cobblestone is hard on tires when they sit for a long peroid of time. I use old plywood cut in to 30" squares. Tractor Supply sells 4'x6' rubber stall mats that are hard rubber 3/4" think and sell for around $40. I use them for my goats and they work fine. They are a little hard to cut but a good utility knife will cut them because I have done it. One mat would make you 4 nice pads to park your tires on. When my plywood rots I am going to use these stall mats. That may be a while because my RV is parked in my barn and out of all weather but the floor is limesone.
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Re: parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

Turnip, I guess I would suggest buying some in expensive jacks and raising the tires off the ground if it is setting for a long time. Have you ever tried a zip saw? They don't work quite like they show on television, little harder to control than they claim, but you get better with practice. I would just bet those mat would be easy cutting for a zip blade.

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Re: parking an rv on a cobblestone driveway

I tried those zip saws and they will not ever begin to cut those mats. The only thing I found to cut them was a good utility knife.
When I put my Roadtrek to bed for the winter I have a cover for it and I take the weight off the springs/tires by putting a jack under the front and rear bumper. Always have it sitting on plywood to keep the tires off the limestone.