Parking RV's in Cities?


Myself and some classmates from ireland are graduating this summer and planning a trip across the states in some RV's (C30 Roadbear,10ft long and V10 engines they look cool!)

we were just wondering if there is somewhere to park the RV"s in cities, so that we can go out and get drunk at night

many thanks for any assistance
RE: Parking RV's in Cities?

In most cities the RV Parks are on the outskirts. In the case of NY, an hour away. But in just about all others you'll find it easy to get transport to the nearest Pub. Or, just share some cold ones around the campfire.

C Nash

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Re: Parking RV's in Cities?

Better watch out for those gunmen cdbmacn ;) You should find parking for that rv in most cities just be sure you have a driver that has not been drinking drive you back to the CG. Our police wear guns :eek:
Re: Parking RV's in Cities?

If that's what you're planning, then maybe you'd be better off staying where you are. There are too many drunk drivers around here now. We don't really need any more.

There is a serious law enforcement effort to rid the roads of drinkers that drive. I can only imagine the damage you can do driving drunk in an RV! :dead:

And please don't tell us you wouldn't drive drunk.
Re: Parking RV's in Cities?

drink driving is a real serious offence here too, we would never do it

gonna buy some breathalyzers just to be extra safe