Part Time Work

Does anyone know anything about delivering motorhomes as a part time job. Looking for a job after retirement. Any Info would be appreciated....

C Nash

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Part Time Work

Hi mtwallet,
When you retire you want have time to do part time work :laugh: . This has been asked on the forum before. Seems like there was some web sites for this. Go to the search at top of page and see if you can locate. I would also ask my local rv dealers. Have heard they don't pay to well but, get to travel in the process. Good luck
Part Time Work

don't know much that would help you in that line of work BUT there are scads of other things on can do and travel too. Best one I have found so far is called :) we need to travel while we can!! cause ya just don't know about tomorrow!! ~~~~Dave J
Part Time Work

mtwallet> Hi and welcome to the forum. My personal experience. When I retired I was bored out of my gourd for a while and decided that I had made a poor decison to retire early. While buying a toad for my MH i mentioned to the sales manager at a local auto dealership how bored I was. He asked if I wanted to drive cars for them. I had no idea what he was talking about, but found later that auto dealers hire retired guys to deliver and pickup autos for them. We get paid on a per-trip basis and can turn down any trip we don't want to take w/o any problems. I do dealer trades with new cars, pick up customer cars, deliver new cars to customers, drive cars back from sales and that sort of thing. We work chiefly in the Atlanta and N Georgia area, but regularly do trips to Tenn, Ala, NC and have delivered a new BMW to a customer in Manhattan, NY City. Don't make a fortune, but it pays for vacations and trips (and gets my out of the house according to the 'boss')

good luck
Part Time Work

we joined--cheap @ half the cost
we want to work @ indy 500 got application, ready to go
just about any truck plaza needs p/t help--flying j,pilot,etc
how about convience stores? ddont pay mich--but keeps you off the street
good luck e-mail me back with any questions :bleh:
Part Time Work

Got a job driving a charter bus.located in se GA. have been to Canada down to Tampa FL and KY AL so far. I can pick and choose do not have to take any given trip. I have Fun and get paid OK. :) :laugh:
Part Time Work

have a question about driving cars for auto dealership

how do you get the car? do you fly/take a bus/train to the destination or have someone else drive you there and then drive separate cars back? do you actually drive the car or two it behind your MH??

details please :laugh:
Part Time Work

Mr mtwallet!Back in 1988 I had the"MISSFORTUNE" to get one of these MAKE $50,000 a year jobs.Never made a dime,there were a lot of times that I used a credit card to get back to Indiana to deliver another one.Thes mh that you would be delivering are not to be "used"-you are not allowed to use the facilities.You can sleep in the unit.Thats it!!They pay you a flat sum of money--then it was .36 a mile X map miles.From this money it was your responsibility to ensure that it get there ina timely matter.IT had to be washed before delivery.If it needed oil,gas,lightbulbs or whatever,it came out of your pocket.Sometime if in transit a window should crack or damage by road debris,the dealer would try to make you pay for it.Now the best part of the adventure,getting back to Indiana from wherever.From Bc it was usually 5 days by Greyhound,hungry,in need of bath and wonder wher the next mh was going.Sometime I had to lay around the terminal in indiana for 2-3 days-waiting.I did this for 6 months.To anybody out there that thinks this is great,it is BBbbuuuutttt.NO MONEY.If you have children,a wife,all kinds of bills,you cannot afford to do it.OK Ive said enough.One more thing.The guy(Craig Chilton)that wrote the book,well ill tell you what if there was $50,000 ayear in it,why wasnt he doing it?? Because (imo)He sells books!!! GL :evil: :question: