Part Timers -vs- Full Timers

John Harrelson

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Full timer -vs.- Part timer

There have been several discussions on full timers not liking part timers and vice-versa.. I would like to give my views on this subject.

This is not intended to start a war or create bitterness between the two factions. It is strictly my view of the situation..

I have been a full timer for over thirty years now but for several years in the beginning I was a part timer. I only went out on the occasional weekend camping trip. Usually it was just for the weekend, but once or twice a year I would take the whole week and go “camping” with my RV travel trailer.

I always made sure that I arrived at the camp ground or RV park during the day time when most of the permanent or semi-permanent residents were awake and active. I never entered a camp ground or RV park after ten pm..

I always tried to put myself in the place of the people who were sleeping, and know that I would not like to be awaked in the middle of the night by the engine noise of someone moving their RV … back and forth … in and out … trying to park in their campsite … with someone talking loudly or maybe even yelling out directions to the driver… “go left” … “stop!” … “come on back” .. and the engine being revved, “Roar !!.. Roar !!.. Roar !!”

This would not be in the best interest of becoming a good neighbor..

While I may be on vacation and have no “clock” to go by, the full time residents may still be in their work mode and need to get a good night’s sleep so they can go to work the next morning..

If I saw that I could not make it to the campground before ten PM, I always stopped at the local Wal-Mart or a truck stop and waited until the next morning before pulling in to the campground.. Usually after 9 AM..

As a part timer and then as full timer, I never allowed my dogs to bark at any time, day or night, I never walked my dog without carrying some means of picking up after him. And I never allowed him to do his thing anywhere near other campers, even if I had to carry my dog for hundreds of yards in the truck before allowing him out..

I don’t like the smell of dog poop, especially on a hot day when the sun is “steaming” the poop and don’t want others to smell it either..

SOME people, both part timers and full timers , seem to think that this common curiously does not apply to them.

Some people, both part and full timers, seem to think that cats are exempt from this. Maybe cat owners think that cat poop does not smell because a cat covers it up… Well, maybe it does not stink as bad as dogs … but .. A cat’s poop and urine will kill flowers and grass just as quick as a dog’s will..

Cats that are allowed to roam free are very destructive. They dig up flowers and other plants… they transgress onto other people’s campsites and “investigate” other people’s RV’s …. spreading their cat hair and foot prints on the property of others.. Especially foot prints on cars and trucks where they have jumped up on… Cats instinctively climb onto high places..

Then there is the part timer who thinks that the park rules about riding Go-carts and scooters is a foolish rule and they don’t have to obey it.

Nor do they both full and part timer ,have to obey the speed limit in the park, after all, they paid for a site and that entitles them to go as fast as they want to.. And if some other people’s children are playing in the raodway, it’s their fault if they get run over…

Well fellow part timers, it’s evening and time for the campfire and marshmallow roasting.. Lets break out the beer and whiskey and turn up the music loud …real loud, after all if we like our type of music, then everyone in the camp ground must like the same music, so lets make sure they can hear it..

Well everything must come to an end and now it’s TEN PM and time for bed …

NO WAY !!!!!

We paid for this site and we are on vacation.. We can stay up as late as we want to and play our music and sing off key, curse and yell as much and as late as we want too… After all WE are on vacation…
Don’t you dare yell at our children for playing next to your bedroom window… so what if our dog likes to bark all night, he’s on vacation too.. Those rule are just stupid !!


Well the part timer has finally returned home and put away their toys and now it’s time to tell everyone about our vacation …

Dear fellow Rver’s,
I just had to post this to the forum and tell everyone about the terrible time we had on vacation…. It was awful !!!

We went to this park where there were nothing but mean people who would complain all the time…
They complained about my darling children playing hide and seek ( harrump … it did not hurt their ole’ trailer when my little angels crawled under it to hide).

Then they complained about my beautiful music … They are so old that they don’t understand that the music must vibrate the walls,… that’s what makes it so wonderful.

They even complained about my sweet darling kitty cat, Fifi , because she climbed up on their car.. She didn’t hurt their ole’ car, you can’t even see the little scratches from her claws..

And the hole that our gentle and faithful Rover dug in front of the people next door’s front step was not that big…. It’s that woman’s own fault that she fell down,, she should have looked before stepping out of her trailer…

And the worst was their complaining about our campfire… It was not that big at all.. The flames never got over six or eight feet tall and I did not see any sparks land on their dumb ole’ awning and burn a hole in it… It must have already been there and they just wanted us to buy them a new awning..

Harrummp !!! Some people !! … I’ll never go to that camp ground again.. They were rude to us and we didn't do anything wrong..


NOTE ::::::: This is NOT to say that all part timers and full timers are this way… in fact, most of them are pretty good about obeying the parks rules … but once again it’s that ten percent that ruins it for the rest of us…