Pensacola, FL. area questions

Does anybody out there live in the Pensacola, FL, area? I'm thinking of moving back to FL, but rather than go to Sebring where I was before am contemplating the Pensacola (within 30-40 miles) area. Wondering if the taxes are as low there as in Sebring (e.g., a $63,000 house would have approximately $900 in total taxes). I know I should contact a realtor, and am doing that, but wonder if there are any good mobile home parks there, or are houses nearly as cheap as in Sebring ($65,000-75,000 can get you a newer and nice one). It looked from the net as if the mobiles around the Pensacola area were parked on individual lots more than in parks ... a good thing as far as yearly expense. Any park recommendations?

Also appreciate any recommendations re RV parks to stay in while we look in the area.

Pensacola, FL. area questions

You might want to check out the Baldwin County area in Alabama. It is within the 30-40 mi. range that you give. The taxes there are really low and it gives you availability to the Mobile, Al. shopping. Baldwin County also has great medical facilities. The area along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay is convenient to Pensacola via I-10.
Good luck.