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Ok, Just a general gripe! When is PA going to do something about the Roads. Rt 81, 83 and the turnpike are horibble. We got shaken worse than we ever have been in years of Rving by the roads. It felt like we were in a washing machine. It broke one heavey steel braket on the air ride and badly bent another and shook the antenna head off of the mount. We were driving below the speed limit. We love going south Just wish we could fly over PA. Oh, well brackets fixed under warrantee and re-pinned the antenna and off to the Ocean for an extended weekend. Have fun and drive around Pensylvania. :dead:


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Re: Pensylvania

when is the USA going to fix the budget? then the states can fix the roads, most of the money comes from Fed and State funds


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Re: Pensylvania


I second your comments about PA roads. I do my bi-annual pilgramage up to Western PA and dread the turnpike luckily only from Breezewood to Exit 5 and that is enough. Went accross 80 last year from Pittsurgh to Quincy Mass and it was even worse. Definietly a "Washboard" boulevard.

brodavid hear what you say but the PA Turnpike has been a fright for 40 years...

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