Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

Anyone know of any potential spots to park a 37-foot to 40-foot motor home on a year-round basis within commuting distance to suburban Washington, D.C.?

I've found out after buying an Itasca Navion 23H that what I really wanted to do was to live in my motorhome, not just visit it.

The year-round parks I've explored are plagued by traffic noise and worse. Just wondering if someone knows of an out-of-the-way spot or someone who might be willing to prepare and rent some space for something like this. I know that Montgomery County is out due to zoning.

Thank you.


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Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

Note that not all motorhomes are suitable for living in 'year round'. Some even void the warranty if you live in them more than 'x' months per year. And many have problems surviving cold weather for any length of time without draining all the water out of them/filling them with antifreeze.
Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

You might want to check into Prince George's County. I had noticed a few places such as Bowie (or the outskirts of Bowie) and or College Park (Cherry Hill RV Park might allow you to rent a few spaces year round). I had done some looking when we were in the process of buying our rig in Maryland before we moved to Washington. Another option is to check up in Frederick area, I'm not quite sure if they have any possible locations to find a good site to remain as a full timer. Good luck and welcome to the RV Forum.
RE: Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

You POOR thing!!! I just moved OUT of Montgomery County after living there for 50 years+.....People in the DC area just DO NOT RV!!!

You have probably learned there are virtually NO reasonable campgrounds nearby, and even if there were, the traffic would (probably IS) KILLING YOU!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO a native Washingtonian.....I do apologize!!!

The best you might be able to do is to look in some of the local papers (Gazzettes), and maybe even place an ad of your own, to find a place.

Good Luck!!!

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Re: Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

Cherry Hill RV Park is probably the closest good RV park to the D.C. Area. You can take a short bus ride to the Subway terminal and get to D.C. fairly easy on the Metro Subway. However, the Cherry Hill RV Park is fairly high in price nightly. Not sure if they have a REASONABLE monthly rate. Good luck.
Re: Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

Recently we've called and inquired about their monthly rates - our jaws just hit the floor when we found out how much it cost. They only permit monthly rates for the "back-in" sites which cost about 900 a month (give or take - I can't remember how much to be sure). I don't remember if that includes the electricity or not. We did a search for somewhat out of the direct area of DC and found one campground just outside of Howard County in Maryland that have a lower monthly rate (about 700/month). It's Rambling Pine Campground. There might be a few in VA also that have some good monthly rates as well. Good luck in your search.
Re: Permanent site within commuting distance of DC

Yes, Cherry Hill RV Park is quite nice and close to DC---but their prices are ASTRONOMICAL!! Not at all conducive to full-timing in the area. There are other campgrounds OUTSIDE the beltway (I-495), but, I don't think anyone really wants to do that kind of commuting!! VA has some really nice campgrounds, i.e. Aquia Harbor..down I-95, but you are looking at a 2 hour commute--EACH WAY!!

Sorry...that's why I blew that Taco stand and now live in and around the mid-west!!!