Phoenix pop-up campers

Has anyone owned a Phoenix pop-up camper? I am in the market for a pop-up camper and I like the info I have found on Phoenix. The company only sells factory direct, so I cannot go look at one unless I fly to Colorado, an expensive option. Any feedback, pros and cons, would be greatly appreciated.


Phoenix pop-up campers

I'm Brian Tapp from Wisconsin, I just bought a flagstaff pop-up camper by Forest River. I would check in to this brand of camper.It is a better deal than Jayco and they may even sell them where you live.Check it out on the web!! It is htpp.\\
Good Luck,
Phoenix pop-up campers

I have had a Phoenix camper for over 2 years now and just love it! For the price, the value and installed equipment are hard to beat. We drove to Denver and picked ours up. I have compared it to others that I have seen and the quality is hard to beat considering the minimial weight of the camper. In short.. IT IS GREAT