Pickup camper jack stand position

One of the three jack stands that support the pickup camper I just purchased(used) is located directly below an access panel. The area between the panel floor and the jack is crushing every time I raise the unit and put pressure there. Are these jack locations designed by the camper manufacturers? If so it seems a strange location with very little to take the pressure. Can these spots be relocated safely? My unit is a Skamper 80S and the company is out of business so I am very thankful for any advice or direction. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Pickup camper jack stand position

The only experience that I have with those was a set that I helped to install, quite a few years ago. I don't recall a lot about it but I do know that we had to locate frame members for the camper to attach each of the jacks to. It sounds like yours are not properly mounted? Were they on the camper when purchased?

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Re: Pickup camper jack stand position

Might also check to see if there is any water damage in the area. This could cause rot and weaken the area.
Re: Pickup camper jack stand position

Thanks for your help. Yes the stands were on there when I purchased the camper. And based on what I found as I started to investigate they were mounted in he wrong spot. Very weak and because of that water infitrated and the wood frame-only a horizontal 1 1/2 x3/4 has rotted. Replaced it with a treated 2x4 now and all seems well. However I notice that the other two also show some signs of leakage-but no rot yet. Seems like another wintertime project.