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I drove through a campground in Northern MN this past weekend and I saw what looked like a trailer style pop-up camper in the back of a pickup bed. It appeared to have a hard top with canvas walls similiar to a pop-up that hung over each side of the pickup bed. I have looked on many websites for the manufacturer of this product. Can anyone help me out?

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Pickup Camper Search

Hi ruddskier, welcome to the forum, there are any number of mfg that make pop-up truck campers, Palimeio, Jayco, Starcraft, Northern lite, Sunlite inc., and Bethany, Northwood Man., Northstar Campers RC Willett Co., Inc. are a few mfg names,all do or did make then at one time. Check this link to find some of the mfg. http://www.gnt.net/~w8jm/rvmfrs.html
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