Pickup camper weight and tie down method


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I purchased a Skamper 8' pop up camper to go on my Toyota Tundra. This is considered a half tom pickup although I don't know why since it is rated with a total capacity of 1580 lbs.
I haven't been able to find the camper's weigh listed anywhere-the plate on the unit is missing-and want to make sure I can safely carry it. Anyone familiar with it or know where I can get this info?
Second question is regarding tie down method. Any suggestions on which method or manufacture I should use?
This is a great forum. Finished with repairs thanks to the help I received here.


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Re: Pickup camper weight and tie down method

Because of the thin walls of your truck bed go with the Torklift frame mount tiedowns or equvilant. To get the weight of your rig contact the manufacturer with mdl# and ser#. I think they are still in business.