Pickup slidein camper questions


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We just bought a new "03" GMC Duramax long box and are looking for a slide in camper. We have two ATV's and want to spend some long weekends in the nountains. We have been looking at hardside and popup models. Leaning towords the hardsides as they seem more "homey" inside and I CANNOT do tents. Want to get one as short and light as possable and still have toilet and shower inside. Years ago I had a Great Divide and it must have wieghed 6 tons! Dont want to haul all that wieght during the week. Maybe electice jacks to take it off during the week? Or are the mechanical jacks easy to use? Any suggestions and expeariance is welcome. Thanks

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Pickup slidein camper questions

Hi ChopperBill, most of the hardsided campers are lighter than they were a few years ago(like 15/20yr.) Sunlite, Starcraft, Fleetwood all make 8' campers with bathrooms and are fairly light, Electric jacks are nice but heavier than hand crank, on mine I made an adapter and use my cordless drill works great, and its nice to have the drill with. I had a list of slide-in mfg. I'll look and if I find it I'll post Good luck & happy trails GB

Try this site Bill www.joelacey.org then click on RV Potourri then #7 on the list is truck campers GB

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