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heading to Pigeon Forge first week of OCT anyone have a suggestion as where not to stay. I just got back from Stone Mountain and the State Park was a TOTAL WASTE and at $40 per night it wasn't worth it. we left 2 days ahead of our planned stay. anyway enjoy life see u on the road.
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State park was $40??? Good grief!

You know you won't find anything that cheap at Pigeon Forge. DollyWood has jacked up the prices for miles around.


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Only been there twice in the winter and we stayed at River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville
Liked it, so did our lab, we backed up to the creek/river that's running at the back end of the campground. Don't remember the cost. Had fun tho...
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Going to stay at River Planation that same weekend. Made my reservations 3 months ago and was told that was the last aviable sight for that weekend. Better start calling around I believe it is going to be hard to find a campsight then> Good Louck
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I would suggest staying at Green Brier Island Campground, It is located down the road across from HardRock Cafe in Gatlinburg, a couple miles from gatlinburg, you will actually pass a few other campgrounds on the way but Green Brier Island is the best, the campground is built in between the eastfork and west fork rivers they both meet at the back of the campground where their is a swimming hole, full hookups, shade, nice bathrooms, and the peacefull sound of the running water.
I actually lived their for months in a tent years ago traveling & workn in Gatlinburg. The biggest ordeal is finding firewood. Cheers
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I plan to arrive Oct 20 at River Plantation. I made the reservation approx. one week ago, so don't give up. The cost is in the low $30 range. They have a web site and the person on the phone was very helpful. We are staying there because of the location.
Outdoor Resorts Gatlinburg in one of my favorite campgrounds, $45 per night on the water, but it's is 11 miles out of town.


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I never have actually camped in PF but since i only live about 45 to an hour away from PF and Gat then we usally just drive up and stay the day,,, but u have to cruise the Gatlinburg strip at least 4 times in u'r car :laugh:
I'ts kinda like a TN tradition down here (somtimes more than the Volwalk at football time,, but that's for the fall)
In the summer u must cruise the strip of Gat....
I may try staying up in that neck of the woods sometime in the rv ,, might be nice,,,
I am usally the full out going,, full trip type person ,, if it's not more than 800 mile then it's not a trip IMO...
I go to Myrtle beach every spring for bike week,,, and i have ball ,, but I LIKE THE OCEAN :approve:
Sorry ,, i kinda got of the PF topic :(
but anyway have fun and don't forget to cruise :evil:

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Townsend Tenn, the quite side, is near PF and GB. Near the entrance of the Smokey Mnts national Park. There are several CGs which you can find by Goggling Townsend. Near Cades Cove a must drive IMO and free but you can donate. Be sure to drive the Apple Orchard Loop out of GB.
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When I go down, I stay at Creekside Campground in Pigeon Forge. Turn right at stoplight 3 and it is down on the right. Price was under 30/night last time, but it was a couple of years ago.