Planning early August Yellowstone


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We are planning a trip from KCMO to Yellowstone and perhaps other destinations or parks in that area. We are renting a 33 foot RV and plan to have bicycles along. The trip will be Aug 3 to 10 which we are hoping is close enough to school starting that we will actually be able to find space to park. Does anyone have hints on less well known destinations that might be on the way or in the area, in case there might not be parking available?

House Husband

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I don't think you'll want to tour Yellowstone in a 33' RV with the limited parking and narrow roads. . And unless you are competition bike riders, Yellowstone Is too large to tour with bicycles. You might want to consider a car on a tow dolly.
85 miles NW of Yellowstone's west gate is Virginia City, MT. Ride narrow gauge RR to Nevada City and tour all the old buildings and self player instruments. A one day event.
We enjoyed staying at Henrys Lake State Park in Idaho. 20 minute drive from Yellowstone's west gate.