Plastic plugs near back of RV

New to Rving. Getting ready to winterize. I have a 2003 Springdale 38 ft Double slide. In checking under unit iI found two (2) plastic lines with thread off caps aft of the back door. They look like they have anti freeze in them. Does anyone know what they are for.?
Re: Plastic plugs near back of RV

Those are your low point drains for the water lines. You should make sure that they have antifreeze in them for the winter and don't have any when you are using the water system.
RE: Plastic plugs near back of RV

S. Harrington,
Thanks for the reply. I figured they were low point drains but because of all the mis information you get from the Manuals and other people I have come to realize that you are never sure of anything untill you research it yourself. The manuals I got from keystone never mention the drains. Now I have to figure out what role they play in winterizing. Seems to me if you open the low point drains and air compress you would get all the water out of the "City System". Debating to use air or antifreeze or both. I wonder if I have been drinking water with trace amounts of red juice? Again thanks for your reply.
Re: Plastic plugs near back of RV

Where you live determines your need for antifreeze. If you have many days below freezing in your area then use the pink stuff. If you don't get a lot of freezing weather blowing the water out will suffice...just remember to blow the air through the toilet valve. And you still need to put antifreeze down the drains.