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Hello everyone!! Me and my family live in the Mississippi gulfcoast and our house was damaged by Katrina. We are looking to purchase a Travel Trailer (from 20ft to 30ft) to live in while our house is being fixed. We've only recieved inputs from sales people and you know that everyone is selling the "best" there is. We would love to have some unbiased opinions to figure out what we should purchase. Currently I am looking to buy a Jayco Jay Flight 31' or possibly a Pilgrim 25'. The pilgrim is 5k more than the Jayco and it is less equipped. Which is better? Should we even consider these brands? What should we NOT get. We are on limited funds so we desperately need your help. I cant afford to make a mistake purchasing a "problem" at a time this critical for me and my family.

Thank you in advance for any help!!
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Hey there, I just got back (today) from New Orleans myself delivering a trailer. I did not realize how bad it is until I saw it myself. I sell Gulf Stream trailers, and Gulf Stream got the largest order to build FEMA trailers. They are not "run of the mill". I would like to talk to you about what you need. I don't have any new trailers, but I do have some new bunk fifth wheels and I have a used (2005) bunk trailer.
I will touch on your question. In my opionion, the Pilgrim should be less in cost than the Jayco. Especially since it is 25' compaired to 31'. Sounds like someone is trying to make $$$$$
Please contact me through here and I will be glad to tell you our prices. I think it will be worth your while. I will be back on line in the morning.
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Thank you for your input. I basically need a travel trailer to sleep 5-7 people. The amenities you can just list and let me know. It would be nice to have the larger A/C unit. Again, thank you for you help.
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If you are from the Gulfport area and your home was destroyed, you need to check with FEMA as they are distributing campers to be used for 18 months while you rebuild. If you were a renter sign up with them and they are giving rent money for extended periods of time.
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Having come back last week from a 3 week stint setting up satellite communications for various agencies along the slidell, ocean springs area I can attest to seeing many FEMA trailers delivered and set up right in folks front or side yards. They will loan you these trailers free for up to 18 months.

As an aside my last days were spent in waveland working with some EPA cleanup crews and I cannot describe in words the devastation in that area along the coast. I was brought to tears repeatedly, I finally could not take it anymore and came home to my wife a very humbled man. My heart goes out to those that are suffering so greatly


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I would also strongly suggest that you check with FEMA, first. You don't need the extra expense if it isn't vital. Also, take a close look at who each reply comes from. While I tend to agree with the opinion in the first post, just be sure that you realize that it is from one more sales person who wants to make a buck. Not that there is anything wrong with making a living, but priorities are important right now.
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I too, saw FEMA trailers last week in my trip to New Orleans. I saw hundreds in fact, all of them about 70 miles North up route 59 in Mississippi. I went to St. Bernards Parish, and there was not a FEMA trailer there, that I saw. I did see private trailers and I know that FEMA trailers are somewhere. The problem is, where I was, there is no electricity or water. The FEMA trailers are not released into areas that they cannot be hooked up. It would, in my opionion, be up to Warpspeed to decide if he needs to purchase a trailer or wait on FEMA. No one knows the answer to that except him. It is his family he needs to take care of.

Kirk, I am sorry some dealer took you for a ride. I have read earlier posts, and you always seem to critize a dealers opinion. You at least have something negative to say about any dealers statement, not just mine. Just remember, without dealers, there would be NO new trailers sold. I also expect most used trailers are sold through dealerships. Not all of us out to rip customers off.

Yes, I am in business to make a living. That is why anyone gets into any business. I have done this for 20 years and you don't stay here misstreating customers. I also do not take advantage of any situation. I have offered fair deals on a couple of trailers, privatly, to Warpspeed. If he chooses to purchase what I have, it will be his choice.
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We have checked with FEMA for the trailers. I don't know what the criteria is for recieving one but I know that several people I know who are worse off than we are haven't recieved one yet and they applied right after the storm. I even have a friend who is a nurse working at the nearby hospital and she lost her home. FEMA told her that she would be priority due to the fact that she's considered to be one of the disaster response personnel and it's been over a month for hers as well. FEMA has told me that I do qualify for a trailer but it would take at least 45 days or so and I just cant wait that long because my toddler is already getting sick from the house. I do appreciate everyones help on this matter....god bless.
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GTS try not to take anything Kirk has to say seriously. He has a big old chip on his shoulder and wants to start trouble at the drop of a hat. I'm sure everyone on here understands you were just trying to be helpful. Heck, I appreciate the dealers! I know the dealership we got our trailer from was extremely helpful and has continued to be even 5 years after the sale.

Just ignore Kirk :dead: (or Cliff as I like to call him, 'from Cheers') and keep those helpful posts a coming! :laugh: