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we were givin a 84 georgie boy and I do not know how to start the generator I pushed the start button on it and nothing is there anything else I need to do to start it. Does the a/c run off it also because I turn it to high and nothing please you can see my delima we want to move soon and I would like to make sure everything works
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Welcome to the RV USA forum -- my partner and I had the same problem - our mech suggested that we start up the engine first to ensure that we have enough cranking power in our batteries for our generator to start then try the start button on the generator. Keep the a/c off first -- wait until the generator has been running for about 5 to 10 minutes then run the a/c.
It is possible that your batteries need to charge up some more - or double check the wiring (which was also our problem as well).
Again - welcome and good luck -- I hope you can get your generator to start. Best wishes!
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You might start looking for a set of manuals for it. They might be in a cabinet.

Has this MH been sitting up for a while? Or has it been used, but not been moved?

It is highly possible the house battery is not good anymore. However, you had better check the oil level in the generator before you start it, too.
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The generator in my motorhome also has a prime feature. You push the button and it pumps a little gas into the carburator. Then you push the start button and listen for it to crank up. If it has been sitting for a while it may be the connections are corroded, the battery might need to be charged or replaced, and, like Texas Clodhopper says, I would change the oil for sure. You might also want to check the air filter and see if there is a varnish in the carburator. You might also check to see if the manufacturer has a website where you could order a service manual.

And since you say it was given to you how long had it been sitting? I would also make sure I disinfected the water system.


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A/C uses 110 volts AC, so in order to run the A/C in the unit, you need either to have the generator running, or be plugged into an AC outlet. I'd suggest you do plug in if practical, as this will allow you to check out the A/C operation independant of any problems with the generator.

Reasons the generator won't start:
1) Problem in the wiring harness (disconnected, corroded, 'eaten', blown fuse or just 'shut off')
2) No/inadequate power from battery (bad, not charged)
3) Generator low on oil or low oil switch defective
4) Generator or starter 'frozen'

There are many other things which can go wrong with generators, but with them at least you should hear it crank, so I'd start with these. Probably the first step would be to change the oil, and the next would be to use a voltmeter to make sure the unit is getting control and cranking power.


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I will guess that "nothing" means that it did not crank, or even make any sound that you could hear? There some good suggestions here. The first thing that I would do is to check the battery for the coach. The start power for the genset comes from the coach battery, not the one that supplies the starter for the chassis. If you start the chassis engine and allow it to run for a time, that should help to charge the coach battery, if it is good. Somewhere there will be a seperate battery that is for the coach and it will charge from the chassis, given time and if it is good. If it is weak, it still may not do the job. If you have a switch on the dash that is labeled "Emergency Start" or something like that, it connects the two electrical systems together to allow the coach battery to help to start the chassis engine, or it will allow the chassis battery to help start the genset. Have the chassis engine running first, then hold down the emergency start switch and try cranking it again to see if it then turns over. You can also use a set of jumper cables from another vehicle to the coach battery, to boost the genset cranking ability. Just as you would when jump-starting a car, have the good one running when you connect the cables and use the same rules of connection that you would to start a car. Most gensets also have a local start switch mounted on them which you might also want to try. It is possible that the remote start switch is also the problem.