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Hi I am geting ready to put my 5th wheel up for sale I wanted to get 5,000 for it but would most likly settle for 3,000 can anyone tell me if it is worth it or how much it may be worth? it is a 1978 Prowler 30' X 8' pretty nice but needs a little work. the igniter on the heater needs replacing and the oven needs to be fixed i think it is just a cloged gas line. the refer only works on gas anymore as the electric element has a wire broken off. It is already asablished in an R/V park with nice fienced yard. I am told already siting in a park brings the value up a little is that true? registration is all up to date and so far everything els works on it. is 3,000 to 5,000 asking to mutch? if not how high could/should i resonably go? thanks in advance for the help

C Nash

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Please help

Jason, hard to say what a trailer is worth without seeing. Is the Prowler in shape to put on the road? hunters will buy these trailers in our area to use as hunting campers so, hunting season will raise the values. I would not want one sat up at one location so it would not raise the value for me but, it may to someone in your location. Is the park where it is set up in a prime vacation area? If so, that could make the value go up. Start with 5000 and come down or get some offers. Put it up for sale for best offer then if you don,t want what some one offers you can always tell them that was not the best offer. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash