Pleasure Way Excel


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Looking at a 1998 Pleasure Way Excel, 69000 miles, Dodge 360 engine. He is asking 24,995.00.

I think this is quite high for a 1998. In great shape. Don't know what to do, need your opinions. Thanks. Bob


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Re: Pleasure Way Excel

Can't say for sure without the package and the options, but the base price for that unit varies from 16000 to 19000 (NADA low and average retail). So if it is a private party, you'll want to pay less than 16000, and if it is a dealer, you'll want to pay less than 19000 (but may have to pay that much). So make an offer (lower than you'll setlle for), and only accept one of the following responses: a counter offer, 'sold' or 'get out of here'. I got a screaming deal on my fifth wheel, but that was calling back in a couple months after I walked out when they wouldn't counter my last offer.
Re: Pleasure Way Excel

John- Thanks for the advice. Being new at this, I wasn't quite sure. I will waint awhile and go back and follow your advice and in the future check the nada. Appreciate your reply. Take care and be safe. Bob