Pleasure Way our favorite


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We have owned our Pleasure Way for one year and just love it. We also looked for about three years before making up our minds. By the way, our wide body is only 21' in length and fits nicely in a regular parking space. We average about 14-15 miles per gallon. We also have a dog that travels with us. The bed opens into a king size and has plenty of room for us all. In addition, you do not have to climb over anyone to enter or exit the bed as mention by a previous note. The wide body has a separate bathroom with sink, toilet and a sit down shower. It is compact but we find for the two of us there is plenty of storage and room to move around. The designers of these class B homes really take into consideration the needs of their customers and plan wisely with available space. You will be surprised how much I can pack into our little home on wheels. We are planning to cross the country this winter and spend two months in California before returning home in the Spring. Good luck with your search.