Plumas National Forest

Plumas National Forest is in the Sierra Mountains of California. There are 2 Lakes I'm aware of within it. Davis Lake and Frenchman's Lake.

Davis Lake has 3 campgrounds on the lake edge, 1 being closed right now for renovations. The campgrounds do not have any hook ups, but they're nicely shaded and level with beautiful surroundings.

Frenchmans Lake has 5 campgrounds surrounding it, 3 on the lake. This one we're most familiar with because it's where we usually camp. The 5 campgrounds are 1. Chilcoot; 2. Cottonwood; 3. Frenchmans; 4. Spring Creek; and 5. Big Cove. None of the sites have hook ups, but the normal nightly fee is only $21. All of the campgrounds are maintained and managed very nicely.

All of the campgrounds are managed by 1000 Trails and run or owned by the US Forest Service.