Pop-Up camper awnings collecting rain water

[Len] Anyone who has had the problem of their pop-up awning filling with water when it rains and their away from their campsite will want to look into a new product called Awning Umbrellas. Not only do they keep awnings from filling with rain, they also strengthen the framework assembly that supports the awning. These work on most pop-up campers if the support poles are vertical.
Pop-Up camper awnings collecting rain water

[Jim Kriz] Seems to me that anyone whose awning collects rain water hasn&#039t learned the simple trick of having one corner lower than the other so the rain runs off that corner. Why add another thing to set up and take down?
Pop-Up camper awnings collecting rain water

[Len] Simple trick works ok if you have a smaller awning and do not use side walls. If you use the covered area for storage or use the side walls you end up collapsing the one side and have problems zipping and unzipping the screen openings. Also the poles that came with my Add-a-room were a rotten design with the lower section of the pole being larger than the upper, so sand,and rain have frozen the poles in one position. As far as setting up or taking down these attachments, it takes approx. 30sec. a side. With Awning Umbrellas in place there is no accumulation of water and possible damage to your awning due to having your campers door scrape across the awning when you open it which can happen if one side is lowered.