Portable generator advice


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Considering a "quiet" portable generator for occasional use off-grid camping. A local shop has the Yamaha EF2000IS on sale for $899, retail is $1299. My own ignorance is preventing me from just jumping on that deal so I would appreciate hearing from experienced rv'ers on a few questions:

1. What would ideal wattage be to run a kettle, hairdryer or small Dometic fridge for short periods? 2000W seems most popular.
2. Any other brand recommendations? There are so many fake reviews on the 'net its hard to get real info from users :-( I'm partial to known brands like Yamaha and Honda and would pay a reasonable premium for these.
3. What features to look for in maintenance and storage? I've heard that fuel should be completely drained from carb and tank but not sure how easily that can be accomplished with all brands.


2000 watts is enough to power your small appliances. When it comes to brand, you can't go wrong with Honda.

Al mccord

I have 2geneators. 1 is 4500 watts that can run almost everything on my unit. Even 1 air conditionor. The other is 2000 watt. I can get by with this one. You just have to use things 1 at a time. And no air! Both are genarac and I haven't had any trouble with them.