Portable inverter for laptop


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What will I need in an inverter for powering my laptop when shoreline power is not available-100/150/200 watt? I'm connected via Verizon wireless. Beyond my laptop how can I determine whether I can handle any appliance using an inverter and the accessory plug. Is it as simple as the appliance says 60 watts on the back and therefore if have a 150 watt inverter I could add another 90 watt appliance to the second inverter plug and still be okay. Hope my question is reasonably clear!
Portable inverter for laptop


I would get ann inverter in the 300-500 watt range. This ensures you are well within the operating parameters of the inveter. I saw units on Amazon.com for less than $50. Be sure and check the "continous wattage" rating of the unit. this is usually lower than the "momentary" rating. Yes, you can connect more than one appliance to the ihnverter. Just do not exceed the continous rating of the inverter.

I hope this helps.
Portable inverter for laptop

Hi genel, Not knowing where your from if you have a BJ's Warehouse or Costco near by they have 350 watts for about $30.00 I also bought a 750 watt for about $ 70.00 .The only thing to check is the ac output with a meter to see how much voltage you are getting.I'm a little disappointed with the two I have,neither one puts out more then 100 volts ac,enough for my laptop or tv,but not anything in the line of a micro wave. I have used the bigger one for a drill with no problems.
Good Luck, Steve