Portable RV Shelter/Cover

I’m looking for help/advice for a portable vinyl/fabric shelter to cover our Class A 30 foot motor home. Can anyone direct me to a good web site or vendor? My parking pad next to the house is gravel, long enough for a 40 foot RV, but will only take about a 12 foot wide shelter. I’d like to purchase a shelter that I can disassemble and store when we are traveling if there is such a shelter out there??



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Re: Portable RV Shelter/Cover

I bought a 12' x 20' car shelter several years that used 1" rigid conduit and a tarp.
It came with connectors, bungies and a tarp. You bought the conduit for it separate.
It just sits on the ground and has to be staked/tied down.

I have seen the connectors sold at Lowes and Home Depot, so you could buy a tarp (or 2) and build your own size cover. There are corners, tees, peaks, etc to build the shape of a roof and attach the legs

It is only good for sun and rain, snow will bring it down. A strong wind storm will reak havic on it, too. It worked really well over the summer to keep the rain off of a couple cars I was working on.


Might want to look into something like that.
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Howdy Mike,

I really appreciate the input and I'll check this out, it may be what I'm looking for in my situation.

Thanks again,



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RE: Portable RV Shelter/Cover

There's an outfit out of Iowa called, Clear Span (www.ClearSpan.com)
that markets different sizes of portable and temporary shelter units. You
can also contact them at 1-800-603-4445. Have fun!

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Re: Portable RV Shelter/Cover

Got me to thinking.......

Maybe I should follow my own advice and pull out my pieces and set one up for my RV.