portable water softeners

I am thinking about purchasing a portable water softener for my travel trailer. Is there anyone who has one and can share with me their experiences with one both positive and/or negative?

Gary B

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portable water softeners

Hi footloose, we have used one for more than 7 years, one word they are great! :approve: It is a bit of a job to regenerate but not all that big a deal, you screw off a plug at the top and put in 8 to 10 large coffee mugs of slat then hook up the hoses again and let the water run in the bathroom sink for about 1/2 hour, after tasting the water and if theres no salt taste its ready to go again if there is a salt taste let it run for another 5 / 10 min. for us it lasts about 4 weeks in Az. before needing regen. this of course bepends on the water and the amount of water you use. Good luck and we never leave home without ours. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
portable water softeners

I bought the RV Water Stick www.watersticks.com/rv for 1/3 the cost of all the other softeners and it does exactly the same thing ..... softens the water. It is easier to store and simpler to regenerate than anything we looked at.
The wife is happy because her blond hair isn't orange anymore. It removed the iron in the water to. Their suggestion not to use bar soap (use liquid soaps)in the shower has completely eleminated all the soap and hard water scum in our shower. It really worked and no more scrubbing or harsh chemicals necessary.
portable water softeners

Sorry about missing the ".htm" on that link. The Water Sticks are also sold on eBay (search under "Portable Water Softeners"). You can go there and read all the feedback from actual buyers.