Posts with "dot dot" or "dot dot dot" in the title


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FIXED! There's no more need for this post because the site's programmers (with Cindy crackin' the whip) can fix this problem with dot-dot-dot. Thanks!
Apparently the site's programmers can't fix the problem with posts that have multiple "periods (dots)" in the title.

If you want your post to work, don't put any punctuation in the title of the post.

It looks like that is the most visible cause of "BAD REQUEST" messages from the forum.

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01/02/2012 - Reminder
12/21/2011 - Reminder
11/29/2011 - Reminder


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Hi, Texas
Thank you
I tried to post something yesterday, and got "bad Request"
Not being too bright I tried a second time! Did not understand what I was doing wrong
Take care