Power Gear Jack

Anyone had this problem, my passengerside jack will not go down pump runs but that is it,book says it might be a fuse but on my 1999 Discovery I can not find where it is at even a call to Fleetwood produced no results, I hate to take it in for repair if anly a fuse is out. I called the factory and was told probably not the fuse any healp would be appreciated

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Re: Power Gear Jack

I agree with tex ,, ck the hydro oil ,, and also does u'r panel show that it is up or down ,, that would be my next thought ,, also have u seen any fluid under that side of the rv??? this would indicate a blown line,, also,,, they have ck valves in the cylinders ,, and if maint has not been done on them ,, u can get build up in the ck valves ,, but let me know on the light thingy ,, u may have some electronics problems also :approve: :approve: :approve:
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RE: Power Gear Jack (me to)

I just happen to come across your ? 06/ 26/08 I have the same problem with my driver side front hydrolic jack. It is a self leveling system, made by hydro or something like that. It's on a class A Mountainaire. It does'nt do it all the time, and thats the quencher!!! I took it over to Myers RV in town here, but it would"nt do for them to see the problem. Did someone say that it could be a sticking check valve???