Power Gear levelers

I have difficulty using my Power Gear levelers when leveling side-to-side. The system uses the rear jacks for side-to-side leveling. Unless I am on almost level ground, this system feels like it twists the chassie.
Anyone else experiencing this problem or is it operator err?


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Power Gear levelers

quote: system uses the rear jacks for side-to-side

The key here is how many jacks do you have? If it is a three jack system then you do use the rear jacks to level side to side and the unit will tilt on the lone front jack, which is located in the center. But if you have a four jack system, then you must use the jacks for leveling in pairs, to avoid twisting the frame. To level front to back you extend both jacks at the low end. The to level from side to side, you extend both jacks on the low side. But never use only one jack in a four jack system, once all jacks have touched the ground. Owners have actually popped their windshileds out of the motorhome by twisting the frame using only one jack at a time!

And it really doesn't matter what the jacks are mounted on, the priciple is the same.
Power Gear levelers

Hi Kirk,
Thanks for the reply on the levelers. Would you believe that Power Gear jacks are designed to use a rear jack to level from side-to side? It is true!

C Nash

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Power Gear levelers

Hello Arthur
Our MH has the four level system and the rear work independent of each other for levelng. The owners manual says it is ok to do this but, it seems like it would put a terrble strain of the frames to me so I very seldom use them to level from side to side. I use boards under the wheels and adjust with board under the leveler feet.